- Outdoor : Putrajaya... -

it was rainin on sunday morning.. tot it will b cancelled.. but towards afternoon.. rain slowly stop which means me plan to snap outdoor @ putrajaya cn be proceed... joined by 3 free models : mimie + ajim (also want to b photgrapher) + boy. photog : miun + me + syahril (x comin) + farah n atirah...


next time will do it more often.. it was fun n simple... didnt bring me draft for couple portraiture... arghhhh... =[

katy perry : thinking of u
You're the best, and yes, I do regret
How I could let myself let you go
Now, now the lesson's learned
I touched it, I was burned
Oh, I think you should know!


farish H said...

gmba last mntap

seLusUr dUniA IndaH said...



ESpECIaLLy yG LAst skaLI

taBEk r..