- Ajim in Semporna: Floating -

such a wonderfull 4 days.. was @ hometown.. tis time ajim n mimie was wit me... soo much photos to b shared... part one @ semporrna : floating...


- Ikea wit rieta -

thx rieta.. =] went to ikea to buy frames, book rack n lamp for me room... huh ended up only bought two frames.. one for customer n one for meself... two hours in ikea.. had diner in garden... n watched daybreaker: a world where vampire rules n human haunted... cool idea...

snappin @ ikea before d security said 'no photo'.. ok...

vanilla twilight : owls city
I'll find repose in new ways
Though I haven't slept in two days
'Cause cold nostalgia
Chills me to the bone


- Ina : Bride -

ina : d bride of a wed we shot on 1303... shamsul : d groom comin soon.... both were awesome : laughin all d time... so much fun snappin them... +_-


missing butterfingers song : faculties of mind
It's gonna take a while i once remembered
There were lies i used to tell her
Hidden secrets make it rotten

On and on the days go on
And on and on for what i made wrong
Fall this time the times are useless
Have you been through wonderful minds ?


- Such A Week -

its was a week full of tiredness... still got d fever frm last week.. been workin until 11pm... i think me body is doin more thn it cn take... huh... i am =_=

soundgarden : black hole sun
black hole sun
won't you come
and wash away the rain?
black hole sun
won't you come?
won't you come?
won't you come?


- Fake -

listenin to if we ever meet again : timbaland n k perry
'll never be the same - if we ever meet again
Won't let you get away -  say, if we ever meet again
This free fall's, got me so
Kiss me all night, don't ever let me go
I'll never be the same
if we ever meet again 



- Sickness -

been feverish for 3 days n no sign of gettin better... huh... im dyin i guess... ajim hope u will get well soon... =]


- Mat n Izzah : Outdoor I -

promise me...
when im sad... u will cry for me
when im happy... u will laugh wit me
when im angry... u will kick their ass
when im sick... u will take care of me
when im broke... u will treat me lunch
when im down... u will take me up
when im stress.. u will cheer me up
when im ere... u will always b ere too

- c i n t a -


- Kelantan Street -

shot some streetphoto while in kelantan... just point n shoot type... i need to start following some street group so i cn train me eyes more... +_-

korn sang dead bodies everywhere
tell me what you need, tell me what to be.
what's your vision?
u'll see, what do you expect of me?
i cant live that lie