- 29th Ramadhan-

Alhamdulillah... me still alive... 5th ramadhan for tis year n d 29th in me life...

tagged from kiki : sorry for delayed ye...

1.copy award ni untuk diletakkan dalam belog anda.

2.nyatakan 6 fakta menarik tentang pemberi award ini:

* she is cute
* i never met her n want to meet her
* she seems a lil bit too sensitive
*she is sarawakian
*she can eat a lot n still stay slim

3.setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 9fakta/hobi diri sendiri:

*look stupid
*likes anime n manga a lot
*movie addict
*not too frenly (shy2)
*homey type
*love photography

no snappin recently.. godek2 old photo n post... May Allah bless us in tis holy month...

listenin to pergi tak kembali : rabbani
- Berpisah sudah segalanya -
- Yang tinggal hanyalah kanangan -
- Diiringi doa dan air mata -
- Yang pergi takkan kembali lagi -


- KLPF 09 -

two days sat n sun @ midvalley megamall... couldnt make it on sat.. so lazy to go out even for foods... but sun went there early coz wanna watch district 9 : great muvie tho...

i dun know how many times i tawaf inside there when suddenly i took out me humble a200 to snap a cute model... coz usually i only bring them but not use... shy... once i started than i just got to realized how FUN to snap model photo : not coz of d model itself but d challenge to get a good angle, good lightin, good timin... n most of d time u will snap a hand, flash, head n sometimes u dun even know what did u snap...

it really brings joy to me... especially when d model look at u direct n click!!! 

- s a t i s f a c t i o n - 

next time will definitely bring me flash.. huh...

sumthings happened today n i guess thats how d story goes...



- Aya Convo : Congrats! -

saturday : 080809... went to rohaya aka aya convo @ upm. planned goin there wit miun but afternoon he called me sayin that d ktm kaputt... huh... had to take bus... arrived @ 430pm n bought a biggg flower n waited for bout 2 hrs... arghh. i hate waitin...

she came out bout 6++pm n i started snappin.. its as usual HOT n burnin... fin around 8pm n she drove to star sg besi.. luckily... thx...

wanna say congrats to aya for d degree n hope it will be usefull... hehe 

a new boyfren.. hehe.. hope tis time it will last... Amin...