- One n Only -

was thinkin bout her...

- me rose -


- Kain -

went to buy kain for me mom and three auntie for edi weddin on 22nd february... together wit mimie n ajim... luckily mimie was there... she picked three of it n i picked for me mom...

- who likes orange...? shmile n jump =] -

- pick ur color -

- while waitin for d green lite -

- bw -

- chakkk -

- pro pose -

- d player of d day -

- play ball -

settled... should took d pix of d kain.. forgot...


- Sony 70-200mm F/2.8 G -

yesterday was d happiest moment in me life for 2009. ive never expected sumting like tis. finally i bought d dream lense for me humble camera... Sony 70-200mm F/2.8 G.. actually its impossible coz d price is RM6,699... but nonetheless its just worth it tho... i was shmilin while jumpin wit fool of joy... ngeeee~~~ lalalala~~~ i was snap there snap here snap 200mm 'skodeng' n suddenly..........................

nok.. nok.. nok... n me door room opened 'r u workin a today...?', me housemate zack wit his shmilin face... i was like.. WHAT??? damn it was a dream @ 11am?... u must kiddin.. huh... ive to accept d truth even it hurt lor... now i understand why people call it a 'dream' lense..

listenin to taman rohani by saleem
- sang cahaya mula meninggi -
- aku harus berangkat pergi -
- gelap malam pasti kembali -
- gelap jalan arah mencari -


- So Little Time -

- so little time by arkarna -

Took a while to drag me out of bed,
Aim some coffee at my head,
Saw the clock I'm running late,
It's an ordinary day.
And I'm like a dog on heat,
Knock one out and then fall asleep,
It's sad but true,
I'd rather be with you
Don't you forget about me,
When you're a celebrity,
It will be only you and me
Before too long.
So little time so much to do,
I rather spend my days with you,
So little time so much to do,
I'd like to spend one day with you,
And if that day is not enough,
Maybe we can stay in touch,
But i'm not making plans for tomorrow,
For tomorrow never comes.(ohhhh)
Said I've been celibate for years,
Not out of choice theres no-one here,
See I can't give my end away,
Another ordinary day,
And I've love to see alittle more of you,
You're clothes would look better on my bedroom floor,
bedroom floor,
bedroom floor.

--- lalalalalala ---


- Story of Bear n Monkey -

damn... damn.. d feelin came today... attacked me wit no mercy... killin me... rippin me apart... oh... d feelin of bOrink it just so damn annoyin... unintended... shuhhh.. shuhhh...

luckily i got tis two cutey creature @ me room... thx both... u r really cooperative n sportin... lalalala~~~~
listenin to three das grace : animal ive become
- i cant escape tis hell -
- so many times ive tried -
- but im still caged inside -
- somebody get me thru tis nitemare -
- i cant control meself -


- Photoshoot Wit Rieta -

recently... actually it was two weeks ago... wahh time flies sooo fast ek... lip lap lip lap aik... midmonth oledi.... went to see rieta n asked her to pose for me. want to learn how to take portrait photo n also xperiment me new flash hvlf58am... sank u rieta... =]

- specky sexy teacher... hehehe -

- wit cap... she bought it @ thailand recently -

- lenggok seorang cegu matematik.. ngee~~~ -

- b n w portrait... a lot more to learn -

- for m tis is best... d pose n d shmile just perfect -

thx again... next will do more photoshoot ek... hehe.. outdoor.

listenin to d sound of me fan... fruuhhhh~~~~


- Wedding : Affi n Suzana -

on jan 10th, saturday went to perlis... by bus... its been ages didnt go to north side of peninsular... its bring memories... n five hours in bus... it coz me a migrain n half day today... its a wedding... actually a surprise one, i just get to know on thursday. affi syafizal n suzana wedding. affi was me x u, x college, x housemate, x. at last me fren... congratulations!!!
dropped by at butterworth to see meemat - thx bro...

- blue n green world -

- homestay @ meemat place : his parents -

- d bride n groom -

- d shmile -

- meemat : shah : undark -

- arggghhh.. i want this too.. =[ -

- wit d newlywed -

- again... -

- ma... kan -

- going home : mee : undark : waed : shah : me -

- sha : me : undark -

- such a tiring day -
met some old frens... like a reunion tho.. mydin, yo n matshraf... im still tired... huh...... goin to sleep...


- Revenge Of d Officers -

testin... testin... onetwo... onetwo... it happened again: d four officers who has been slaughtered cruelly now make they revenge... n d victim was d four non-officers : hafiz : faizal : herman : dedi. they were forced... i repeat forced to sing a song : karaoki n d besh part theyve to pay for it... yehaaa... lalalalala~~~ i decided to not snappin around : i want to sing tis time... but ended up snap a lot oso... lalalala~~~~

- hafiz : faizal : herman : dodong.. hahaha -

- like previously : got buffet so eat!! eat!!

- venue : redbox plus pavillion -

- special appearance by bad -

- adul : d future teacher : congrats dude -

- d force team : zack : plis notice d toilet sign -

- let d fun beginnnnnn -

- yeah... yeah... yeaaaaak... -

- double exposure -

- adul infront of d light -

- blub.. blub... blub -

- they move til even d soul cant catch up -

- blu n red light trail -

- like twins -

- nope.. not twins but almot... haha -

- waed -

- faizal bein bullied -

- hafiz -

- edi aka dodong (nama manja @ home) -

- bob -

- ooooooo... -

- firecracker -

- colorfull flies -

- one for all... all for one -

- 53 : lucky number -

- its d biggest number : rm862.50 : im glad they look heppi =] -

- me: not in d toilet -

d previous one in greenbox 6pm to 10pm... tis one til 3am... nine tuttt hours!! wahhh liaoooo... no wonder price big.. only eight of us remains til d end, d rest tak bleh harap... 11pm already gone... it was FUNNNN... thx a lot a lot guys for d sacrifice... im goin to remember til next year only... hahaha... d day after tmrow... comin in to work late... huh...