- PreWed : Mat n Iza -

eight hours... i mean 8 hours in d bus.. deymm... tiring?.. o yeah... went to klantan for 3 dys for tis lovely n cool couple izzah n mat... worth d time... thx for both ^_^

for me teammate.. ur pix not edited yet.. coming soon ye... -_-

listenin to Rasulullah : hijjaz
Rasulullah dalam mengenagmu
kami susuli lembaran sirahmu
pahit getir perjuanganmu
membawa cahaya kebenaran


- Malacca n Ajim n Mimie III -

last entry for malacca... i will start to create an album for them... =_=


- Malacca n Ajim n Mimie II -

still got a lot pix to edit... yesssssshhh...

listenin to van halen : dont tell me (what love can do)
it's ok, I'll do what i want if i choose
i can take the fall, there's a choice
it's my destiny in my hands
yeah, it's up to me