- Officer Celebrations Part 3 -

it was wednesday 26th of nov 08...
at sg wang... d best n fun party were held... its really been awhile, really... dont have tis kind of FUuuuN... aaaah.. its d 3rd time of d celebrations... baes d coolest n d bestfren u ever dreamed of... kara-KO time @ greenbox n most participated event 14 artists...
we were singin, dancin, jumpin, screamin, eatin, laughin, crazyin, drinkin (only juice n syrup) n enjoyin... for me d best time to shoot people...

- baes: d person who r responsible for d fun -

- baes again : he is a shyshy guy type -

- journey to d greenbox -

- a green lift -

- bob so hepi wit her virtual gf -

- it supposed to b a bag advert by waed -

- atuy beside d 10 room -

- miun : observe n silence... just for a moment -

- tis photo taken after he sang six songs in a row : herman -

- people sez : karaoke for singin . ben sez : karaoke for eatin -

- bob : d buffet its not that guuud :[ -

- eat... eat... eat... : chang -

- cant bring any kind of drugs include panadol : greenbox rules -

- ek ak ek ak... dunia bagaikn milik bdua.. amboi indahnya cinta : dangdoot is d best -

- d solo : chang : rudy : zack : bob : damn they r so serious -

- five guys same dream : one in a million -

- 'i wish im a model' shoot : alex : waed : bob -

- to get d feel : do they need to holdin hand? ah.... -

- family portrait -

- actually they r singin a jiwang song, not even a high note one -

- tum pase ae.. tum mere jae... kuchkuch hotai... sing along -

- they r not singin at tis time : just huggin -

- hahahaha... cucuk langit gitu -

- that is not waed n edi -

- singin a merdeka song : wave~~~~~ -

- did u ever treat a frens like tis??? thx n hugs for baes =] -

- bob dedicatin a love song for waed : uwekkkk... -

- duet of d day : ben n zack -

- rudy was thinkin : one day i will b a singer -

- duet by zack n miun : bola-bola api.. hehe -

- believe it or not : they r singin a nasyid song -

- look at atuy. looks like cryin... huhu... -

- r they kissin or they r really kissin... haha... matila aku -

- i was there when d time stopped -

- my GOD!!! tis is not zack... somethin is inside him... duck dancin.. hahaha -

- say piiiisss =] : ben -

- d bigbosh entertained by d cikuciku -

- etek gembogembo by waed n atuy -

- herman n bob : they really can 'tarik' -

- faizal : he is not into this kind of thing, all he did was smilin -

- trio : they r d most monstrous in anythin bout food -

- hahaha... ewahhh... jogetjogetan gitu - goyang bali by mas idayu n waed -

- me -

it was daaaaamn fun... cant describe... all d unpredictable things happened... hahahaha... everyone is not themselves anymore... everythin unleashed... so crazy yet descent o_O.
d fun end @ 10++ n all d stress n tension released, still got d vibe until today... d day after... no one can speak clearly...

zack is next hero of d day.........

listenin to lucky by jason mraz... recommended by kiki =]
- do you hear me - im talking to you - across the water across the deep blue ocean


- Last Date Wit Ceera -

today... d day i met ceera for d last time as bachelor. linda was with her (ordered frm d bigboss). venue @ old town white coffee near me place. time clock in 1725 hrs : clock out 1900 hrs (ceera need to pray : maghrib she said...) he... . mission : handover d weddin card (its green as usual). as i do not hv car, ceera fetch me at home. we hv nice a chat, eat, drink, smoke (d guy beside us) n snappin... ;]

- tis is me new shirt : wear tis today -

- wedding card : to onald n gf (haha) :p (i got 2 more weeks) -

- arrival posin : linda n ceera n d cone -

- i really like d cone (simple n red) 0_o -

- d menu : white coffee : honey lemon : orange juice : roti bakar : nissin -

- linda : that guy so encem . ceera : hiput ih moh enhem -

- if u noticed ceera is still eatin : she is a 'strong' woman. hehe -

- smilin wit roti in her hand -

- linda ordered d roti... but shes not d one who eat it. 0_o -

- it so damn hot... i used d coffee to cool me down -

- in memory : ceera d bachelor -

- a humble future wife -

- d symptom of bride-to-be : damn scary (no cure) -

it was rainin... heavy one... get caught n i think i want... i mean im goin to be sick... achoooo... yah.. i tought im goin to wear a tuxedo to d weddin (to be different)... but ceera invite me as photog so d plan was cancelled... damn... nah... its ok ;]

listenin : ghost of love by rasmus
- i am near you - u dont see me - can you feel me - im closer than close -