- Officer Celebrations Part 3 -

it was wednesday 26th of nov 08...
at sg wang... d best n fun party were held... its really been awhile, really... dont have tis kind of FUuuuN... aaaah.. its d 3rd time of d celebrations... baes d coolest n d bestfren u ever dreamed of... kara-KO time @ greenbox n most participated event 14 artists...
we were singin, dancin, jumpin, screamin, eatin, laughin, crazyin, drinkin (only juice n syrup) n enjoyin... for me d best time to shoot people...

- baes: d person who r responsible for d fun -

- baes again : he is a shyshy guy type -

- journey to d greenbox -

- a green lift -

- bob so hepi wit her virtual gf -

- it supposed to b a bag advert by waed -

- atuy beside d 10 room -

- miun : observe n silence... just for a moment -

- tis photo taken after he sang six songs in a row : herman -

- people sez : karaoke for singin . ben sez : karaoke for eatin -

- bob : d buffet its not that guuud :[ -

- eat... eat... eat... : chang -

- cant bring any kind of drugs include panadol : greenbox rules -

- ek ak ek ak... dunia bagaikn milik bdua.. amboi indahnya cinta : dangdoot is d best -

- d solo : chang : rudy : zack : bob : damn they r so serious -

- five guys same dream : one in a million -

- 'i wish im a model' shoot : alex : waed : bob -

- to get d feel : do they need to holdin hand? ah.... -

- family portrait -

- actually they r singin a jiwang song, not even a high note one -

- tum pase ae.. tum mere jae... kuchkuch hotai... sing along -

- they r not singin at tis time : just huggin -

- hahahaha... cucuk langit gitu -

- that is not waed n edi -

- singin a merdeka song : wave~~~~~ -

- did u ever treat a frens like tis??? thx n hugs for baes =] -

- bob dedicatin a love song for waed : uwekkkk... -

- duet of d day : ben n zack -

- rudy was thinkin : one day i will b a singer -

- duet by zack n miun : bola-bola api.. hehe -

- believe it or not : they r singin a nasyid song -

- look at atuy. looks like cryin... huhu... -

- r they kissin or they r really kissin... haha... matila aku -

- i was there when d time stopped -

- my GOD!!! tis is not zack... somethin is inside him... duck dancin.. hahaha -

- say piiiisss =] : ben -

- d bigbosh entertained by d cikuciku -

- etek gembogembo by waed n atuy -

- herman n bob : they really can 'tarik' -

- faizal : he is not into this kind of thing, all he did was smilin -

- trio : they r d most monstrous in anythin bout food -

- hahaha... ewahhh... jogetjogetan gitu - goyang bali by mas idayu n waed -

- me -

it was daaaaamn fun... cant describe... all d unpredictable things happened... hahahaha... everyone is not themselves anymore... everythin unleashed... so crazy yet descent o_O.
d fun end @ 10++ n all d stress n tension released, still got d vibe until today... d day after... no one can speak clearly...

zack is next hero of d day.........

listenin to lucky by jason mraz... recommended by kiki =]
- do you hear me - im talking to you - across the water across the deep blue ocean


[ LADYKiKi] said...

syok² kita baca.. opps tersentap ade gak nama tertera kat page onald.. bagus² letaklah byk²lagi. auwww....

I hear you in my dreams+I feel your whisper across the sea+I keep you with me in my heart....


Ceera said...

nasib ada gambar nal last sekali, hahaha.. nal pun suka dangdut kah??? apakah??

takleh blah tengok gambar wahed nyanyi dangdut, lawak siot..

y tak panggil ira jadik 'gadis' korang, hahahahaha...

cam best je greenbox, tak pernah pergi lagi oh...

idayusof said...

salam singgah beb!

kagums! sebab letak banyak gile gamba event dengan cepat siap dengan edited version plak tu. kalau gua, pasti la lame gile nak letak sumer skali.

well done! gamba-gamba adalah menarik.