bali trip - day one

WOW!!! its been 2 months already.. today - d same date i arrived at this beautiful n oweseme place - bali!!! this is my second trip aftr d first on 0409.. that time i said to myself.. i will come back again for sure.. n walllaaa.. dream come true. but this time doubletriple d owesemeness, i am ere with my girl, my wifey.. it bring be back to d time when we first makein contact thru fb.. i said lets go to bali together someday.. n huhu.. d day came!!! 

to add d fun.. it was a double honeymoon.. wit oweseme friends farol + cake.. thanks to both... =D

photo!! i took a lot of it... 

four days.. we were there for four days.. so more to come... oh bali~~~