- untold story : adul + ana -

wwwwOOOhooo... just came bck from sandakan to shhot me fren wed... adul d lasopadang... wit her lovely gf which is now her wife ana... a zillion thx for both femilies... u all rawkkks... 

kanye west : runaway....
Never was much of a romantic
I could never take the intimacy
But I know it did damage
Cuz the look in your eyes, it's killing me
I guess that gives you an advantage
Cuz you can blame me on every thing
And I don't know how imma manage
If one day you just up and leave


- untold story : khairil + poly -

janda baik PLUS a dozen n half kids EQUAL total owesemeness.... *_*

repeatin yank : wali band
yank coba ko jujur padaku
yank foto sapa d dompetmu
yank ko' kamu diam begitu
jawab atau aku pergi sayang....

mari goyank samasama ~~~~~... lalalala


- prewed : dili + farah -

a BIG thanx to both of dili + farah for d great experience.. such a lovely n sweeeet prewed shot... n oso kak zarina to gv a freedom to shoot whatever we want in her cute n sweeeet cafe @ thecookiecat.blogspot.com... nice enviro n foods... ^_^

listenin to tinie : written in d star
Written in the stars, a million miles away
A message to the main ohhh
Season come and go but i will never change
And im waaaaayyye