- StreetphOtO v2 -

went to ofis today -- stay for an hour -- went to timesquare -- print a wed photo (done in onehalfhour) -- wentback to sg wang n sat for two hour -- observed n observed -- went home ...

'anything that excites me for any reason, i will photograph; 
not searching for unusual subject matter, 
but making  d commonplace unusual'

                                                - edward weston -

listenin to roten sand by rammstein
Eine Liebe, ein Versprechen
Sagt, ich komm zurück zu dir
Nun ich muss es leider brechen
Seine Kugel steckt in mir 


- Fri The Day -

listening to korn : throw me away
 - deep Inside -
- it can hide! -
- feeling so lost and betrayed -
- why does this happen to me everytime -
- stuck in this place, where I can't escape -
- screaming and clawing from deep inside -

huh.. it happens again... -_-


- Genting : D Story -

another series of genting trip wit kiki, ceera n nemo... feel like laughing.... HAhahAhahahahahAAAHhhahahaha.... nemo ko memang menghiburkan... thx... =]

spot d similarity of these 5 photos below * usually spot d differences... =]

time to go to work... -_-


- A Tribute to Kiki -

she came to kl last saturdy until tuesday... as i know she likes to be photograph.. i always wanted to snap her... and here it is a collection of two days in kl n genting wit her... =]

thx for d pose kiki... =]

lalalala... satisfaction fully charged... ^_^