- StreetphOtO v2 -

went to ofis today -- stay for an hour -- went to timesquare -- print a wed photo (done in onehalfhour) -- wentback to sg wang n sat for two hour -- observed n observed -- went home ...

'anything that excites me for any reason, i will photograph; 
not searching for unusual subject matter, 
but making  d commonplace unusual'

                                                - edward weston -

listenin to roten sand by rammstein
Eine Liebe, ein Versprechen
Sagt, ich komm zurück zu dir
Nun ich muss es leider brechen
Seine Kugel steckt in mir 


hanimndroid said...

suka kamu punya wall featured pix.

♥«mrs.M!ê.Sh!ñ0da»♥ said...

Fuhh..nice lorh..^.^