- StreetphOtO v1 -

today i will start me personal project... streetphOtObyme... really love street photography n really challenging... how to c things in a different view n understanding... practice make better... -_-

" to me, photography is an art of observation.
its about finding something interesting in an ordinary place...
i've found it has little to do with the things u see
and everything to do with the way u see them "

                                             - elliot erwitt -

who r we to complaint bout life...
b grateful for what we have...

listenin to into d nothing : breaking benjamin
into the nothing
faded and weary
 i won't leave and let you fall behind
live for the dying
heaven hear me
i know we can make it out alive


demOk/cabie said...

shantek nyew picx.
maw blajo jugak. hmm :|

farish H said...

hmm shntek picta

seLusUr dUniA IndaH said...