- streetphOtO v5 -

yes i did it again... d plan was to go ofis first than do streetphoto around masjid jamek n cm... but cancel opis n straite to second destination... today i set me target to get 20 photos minimum... if not i just need to stay until nite... luckily i get most of d shot i wanned... n walllaaa... i did it, i exceeded me target... i will definitely will comeback coz i never realized tht so much fun to shot around there...

'when out photographing, it's with a sense of play
no bounds are in sight, anything is possible,
and the unexpected welcome...'
                                            - clip forelli -


- Huh... -

yay... really... really... a borink life it is....


- StreetphOtO v4 -

'as i progressed further with my
project, it became obvious that 
it was really unimportant where 
i chose to photograph...'
                         - george tice

at last i force meself to take time to shoot... huuuuh.. 'relieved' ^_^


- Outdoor : Putrajaya : Wed -

postponed outdoor wed... luckily ngam2 we want to end d shot... rain came down pouring tis heated world...



- One Piece -

me favvy anime of all.... n this is d coolest poster of it... taken from animeatom



- First Custom Album -

huhuhuhu... 'i like ur work... ^_^' for me first custom album printed.. these four words make me so so so heppi... all d time n hardwork appreciated n paid up... thx again to adina n khairil...

addicted to world behind my wall : tokio hotel
they’re teeling me it’s beautiful.
i believe them, but will i ever know
the world behind my wall.
the sun will shine like never before.
one day i will be ready to go,
see the world behind my wall.