- streetphOtO v5 -

yes i did it again... d plan was to go ofis first than do streetphoto around masjid jamek n cm... but cancel opis n straite to second destination... today i set me target to get 20 photos minimum... if not i just need to stay until nite... luckily i get most of d shot i wanned... n walllaaa... i did it, i exceeded me target... i will definitely will comeback coz i never realized tht so much fun to shot around there...

'when out photographing, it's with a sense of play
no bounds are in sight, anything is possible,
and the unexpected welcome...'
                                            - clip forelli -


bobiedanbad said...

cni tak tau mau ambil gambar di mana..mau aku ambil pic byk2 di KL nt.

Snajder said...

This is art! Really nice pics!