- Flower Day -

definition of flower : a plant that is cultivated or appreciated for its blossoms... life is like a flower... treat it with care than u will get to see it blossom n d beauty...

- from a thorn comes a rose, and from a rose comes a thorn -

- red roses in black doesnt make it black roses : ??? -

listenin to great song from korn : tearjerker

- as i sit here frozen alone -

- even ghosts get tired and go home -

- as they crawl back under the stones -


- Tribute 2 Rieta -

ive checked me old entry n noticed there is one entry missing...... coz i was sittin in me room these two days n plannin to do d same tomorrow.. so, i think i just repost it... btw i really like tis entry tho...

tribute 2 rieta aka azura ratnavali. she is me girlfren-ed. i like when she shmile... so cute... 'd beauty lies in d eyes of d beholder'. some photos i snapped when we were toghethergether...

'Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop...'

'There is a time for departure even when there's no certain place to go...'

'For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, "It might have been..."'

life is too damn short... b heppi for what u have n what u will have... ;]

listenin to love song by korn
- love song for the dear departed - head stone for the broken hearted -arms to kill or flowers to steal -


- Engagement : Azimun n Ezzatul -

today : saturday 20122008, d day me housemate aka me excolic : azimiun engagement day wit a beautiful girl name ezzatul. congaratulations bro... hope to see u in wedding mode soon... jangan dikasi lambat barang baguuush jo... hahaha... went ther wit rieta : mimie : ajim... snap some photo for d memories...

- tanda ikatan -

- one lucky guy n one lucky gurl -

- d shmile of d lucky guy -

- d father of d lucky guy -

- his goin to b d bestman in future : boy -

- d arrival -

- d journey -

- d starter -

- in d house wit everyone -

- d father of lucky gurl n his brother aka spokeperson -

- spokeperson for azimiun : funny guy -

- future mom-in-law -

- shmileeeee : bestgirlfrens -

- d couple : congrates -

- eat : nice fuds -

- d guys : boy : am : alip : aco' -

- me companion : ajim : mimie : rieta -

- d lucky guy wit them -

- d blue sky wit ajim n mimie -

- tis is ajul : azimiun brother : cool guy -

- families portrait -

- d father-in-law to be for azimiun -

- bubye : chak! by boy -

it was a brite day : blue sky : hepi day.... =] went home @ 130pm n straite away sleep... so so sleepy...

ps : azimiun... dunt forget to invite to d wedding... ill burn u if u miss me name... hahaha...

listenin to korn : kiss
d last thing i would like to do before i go away
is cry next to u
cry n talk bout d gud old days n where theyve gone
and how much i....


- Ciput & Ceera : After Wedding n Cake Cut -

d last enrty of ceera n ciput wedding... after d wedding end... its time to get bless from d families member... ayie aka uteh told me that everynewone will b bless with d air basuhan kenduri... euuuu... its like a tradition for them... hehe... i was so excited n look for the best angle to shoooot... n d fun begin...

- tis was from last enrty... not sure if ceera is heppi or what?? -

- d hero 'before'... come to think... ciput does resemble tom welling in smallville ... -

- and the attack begun... shmileeee... hahaha... cian.. -

- bless from abang lang... like mandi bunga gitu... hehe -

- after several attack... d hero strike back... but must wit shmile... -

- lalalalala~~~~ washin face -

- wet party... hahaha -

- mrs ceera come to d rescue... but... (d color of d water damn yellowish... euuu...) -

- hahaha... im goin to get kill for tis photos -

- tis one d best kamikaze ever... by akak husband -

- in d end one of d soldier get wet... hahaha -

- moka seposen.... -

- ciput is a gud boy... -

- lovely sengal couple -

- ngeeee by ciput -

- d spectator... actually they scared to b involved -

- alot... alot of presents -

- a RM350 cake : ehsan from andak -

- d cake : green : tasty : chantek -

- d cake wit ultra wide angle lense -

- ceeras mom took a ribbon from one present to attach to d knife... hihi.. creative -

- d cake cutter -

- aaaaaa.... -

- abang belated befday -

- sepet just cant wait... -

- darwish... me idol.. we hv same interest but his got more freedom... hehe -

- d otai -

- in between -

- that is me present for d newlywed -

- end of present openin : household completed : free -

- nisa..... co cweeeet -

- d cake n d presents n them -

- mr ciput n mrs ceera -

- i almost smack d butterfly -

- guuuud husband : cooooomel : tis is candid -

end of nite @ 10++pm. ayie send me home... huhu... thx yie. if not hv to tk taxi.
once again me aka onald want to shout to both of ceera n ciput... selamat pengantin baru....
thank u soooo much for invited to d soooo best wedding n d treat from d couple n families member make me felt like im also a family... hehehe... aligatoooo... =]

listenin to secondhand serenade : fall for you
but hold your breath - coz tonite will b d nite
- that i will fall for you over again - dont make me change me mind