- Officer Celebrations Final Part -

d time has come. its d final part of d celebration. tuesday @ 101208. d last officer of d day ----- zack d happiest person in d world. dinner @ thai express pavillion. wit only ten paticipants for d day. for d rest of us its ok, less is better... hehehe...

- d happiest person in d world : zack -

- its my day : zack -

- honey... im comin back a lil bit late... i got meetin. zack called her wife -

- thai express : b happy its free... hahaha -

- d guys -

- smile... u r d victim... hehe -

- free style -

- d happy faces -

- arrival of d guest : ben -

- hafiz : special appearance for d final part -

- baes n zack -

- zack n bob -

- baes alone -

- eat : ben -

- bob wit d dessert -

- d fuds -

- d desserts -

- take ur time ~~~ relax -

- bill please!!! what?? rm442.65 -

- alhamdulillah~~~~ -

thank u... thank u... n thank u zack. such a nice person as a fren. fren forever k. i think tis is d most expensive treat of all four officer. with only ten monsters, d bill is damn high... but zack still happy... kan zack... semoga murah rezeki... hehe... it seems that after tis no more free meal or dinner. its been a pleasure...

listenin to asmaul husna


The Spiral Eyes said...

may ALLAh bless you all...oh ya,such a very lucky to have Zack as your friend

[ LADYKiKi] said...

bestnye.. onal.. bila nak lanje kiki lak ni.. huhu