- Flower Day -

definition of flower : a plant that is cultivated or appreciated for its blossoms... life is like a flower... treat it with care than u will get to see it blossom n d beauty...

- from a thorn comes a rose, and from a rose comes a thorn -

- red roses in black doesnt make it black roses : ??? -

listenin to great song from korn : tearjerker

- as i sit here frozen alone -

- even ghosts get tired and go home -

- as they crawl back under the stones -


MiSZuE said...

i like flower...

Nem0 o0h Nem0 said...

salam maal hijrah
selamat tahun br,

moga tahun ni
jd lebih baik dr tahun sebelumnyerr..=)

rose itam lg best..=p