sham + farah : married

latest wed for farah + sham... both r sweet + cool.. happily ever after guys... love!


- surprise!!!!! -

it was last two week when bad txt n askd me to buy her husband a present (iphone or bb) for their second anniversary, she wants me to wrap it nicely n surprise him. huhh.. d surprise part worried me coz bob is d kind of guy who dont tend to surprise or excited by something... sabah ppl said 'hati karas'... hhahaa... btw, i refer to event pro, bal (bobs boss) + zack n cm out with an idea... hehe.. thx bal + zack...

i guess let d pix tell d story.... for me it was a big success...yeaaay

to bad.. u r just as sweet as wife cn be...
to bob.. dude uve been punked...

to bob+bad.. sweet couple u are n wish u a long life together... >.<

in d card bad dedicated such a lovely word to bob...

"... i love you not because who you are, but because of who i am when i am with you... "

rindu setengah mati : dmasive
Aku rindu setengah mati kepadamu 
Sungguh ku ingin kau tahu 
Ku tak bisa hidup tanpamu

Meski tlah lama kita tak bertemu 
Ku slalu memimpikan kamu 
Ku tak bisa hidup tanpamu