.... ^_^ ....

one more week too work... yaeahooooow.... lalala....

merindukanmu : d'masive
saat aku mencoba merubah segalanya
saat aku meratapi kekalahanku 
aku ingin engkau selalu ada
aku ingin engkau aku kenang


- Selamat Hari raya : Maaf Zahir & Batin -

updatin from klia... hv to stay overnite.. flite @ 810am.. hope no delay...

its really been a long time i dont fly wit mas... so lucky tis year eventho flyin on d first day raya (3rd time in a row), d cheapest fare ever twoways for rm93... lalala...

njoi raya n holiday.... -_-

- salam aidilfitri - maaf zahir dan batin ^_^  -

listenin to sudirman : dari jauh kupohon maaf
- hanya kusmapaikan doa dan kiriman tulus ikhlas  -
- dari jauh kupohonkan ampun maaf -
- jangan sedih pagi ini tak dapat bersama -
- meraikan aidilfitri yang mulia -

dedicate tis song to everyone who cant make it home...


- Room Sweet Room -

when u got nothing to do n u hv a dslr laying down there in d room... this is d results... lalalala...

- mysteriously, wonderfully, 
i bid farewell to what goes, 
i greet what comes; 
for what comes cannot be denied, 
and what goes cannot be detained -

- chuang-tzu -

listenin to not meant to b by theory of deadman

- It's never enough to say I'm sorry -
- It's never enough to say I care -
- But I'm caught between what you -
- Wanted from me, and knowing -
- If I give that to ya -
- I might just disappear -



- Seeing Beyond Seeing -

currently reading 'tao of photography - seeing beyond seeing' by philippe l. gross n s.i. shapiro... all bout how photography is connected or related to taoist that provide insights into creativity, spirituality, n awareness trainin...

- i never look for a photograph. 
d photograph finds me n sayz "im ere!" 
n i say, "yes. i see u. i hear u" -

- ruth bernhard -

- in photography, d smallest thing can b a great subject. 
d little, human detail can become a leitmotiv - 

- henri cartier-bresson -

listenin to almost easy
- now that ive lost u it kills me to say -
- i tried to hold on as u slowly slipped away -
- im losin d fight -
- i treated u so wrong, now let me make it right -


- Memories -

wah... we are gonna leave 2nd week of ramadhan already... yay.. sooo fast... so grateful that tis year it doesn't seems to be so hot during d day... n evenmore rainin every evening... subhanallah...

suddenly lookin for me album n memories come back....

- 2002 : wit miun, lanco, ira -

- zaman addicted to cap -

- 2nd year wit hilmi n lanco -

- wit pokcik : funny guy.. hahaha -

- cant remember where we r goin : lanco n metal -

- one of d evenin activities : joggin wit ira, co, kdong, anie -

- one of me roommate a palapes n ere we r posin like one =] : martin n marisma -

- form 5 : ben, amir, shukur, brader -

- class 5a : 97 -

- form 1 wit nasir -

- me -

if i realized earlier that photo can bring lost n past memories.. i would b snappin since than... huhuhu...

listenin to if today ur last day by nickelback
- if today ur last day n was tomrw was too late -
- could u say gudbye to yesterday -
- would u live each moment like ur last -
- leave old pictures in d past -