- Room Sweet Room -

when u got nothing to do n u hv a dslr laying down there in d room... this is d results... lalalala...

- mysteriously, wonderfully, 
i bid farewell to what goes, 
i greet what comes; 
for what comes cannot be denied, 
and what goes cannot be detained -

- chuang-tzu -

listenin to not meant to b by theory of deadman

- It's never enough to say I'm sorry -
- It's never enough to say I care -
- But I'm caught between what you -
- Wanted from me, and knowing -
- If I give that to ya -
- I might just disappear -



farish sinclair said...

look nice!

Ceera said...

kelas ayat2 jiwang itu, hehehe

cd nal ada kat ira lagi, huhu~ nanti ira pulangkan eh.. *ayat ke berapa kali ntah ira cakap..

f.A.r.A.h said...