- Seeing Beyond Seeing -

currently reading 'tao of photography - seeing beyond seeing' by philippe l. gross n s.i. shapiro... all bout how photography is connected or related to taoist that provide insights into creativity, spirituality, n awareness trainin...

- i never look for a photograph. 
d photograph finds me n sayz "im ere!" 
n i say, "yes. i see u. i hear u" -

- ruth bernhard -

- in photography, d smallest thing can b a great subject. 
d little, human detail can become a leitmotiv - 

- henri cartier-bresson -

listenin to almost easy
- now that ive lost u it kills me to say -
- i tried to hold on as u slowly slipped away -
- im losin d fight -
- i treated u so wrong, now let me make it right -