- Im Not Hot T_T -

wah... ceera tagged me... thx ye... i will dedicate one entry shpecial for u ek...

1. do u think u are HOT??
- nope. i really dont think im hot at all... but really... i wish i was... huhu.. T_T

2. upload a fav pic of u

- took tis on Feb 07 wit me sabun phone -

3. why do u like this picture
- coz... tis is d only time in me life i decided to b bald *even its not licin one*. i will do it again... n i like d army rantai...

4. when was the last time u ate pizza
- 2 months ago @ opish... plis leave ur phone no if u want me to treat u to pizza... hehe

5. the last song u listen to??
- just got to know bout butterfingers new album 'kembali'... sedapnya lagu 'Mati Hidup Kembali' mmmm... mendayu~~~~~

6. what are u doing right now beside this
- listenin to d song, read comics n drink coffee....

7. what name u prefer beside yours..
- never tot of it....

8. people to tag..5
- i will skip tis part... all people i want to tag oledi tagged.. "_"

listenin to 'mati idup kembali' by butterfingers:
- bawa ku hilang dari ingatan - hari ini sehingga esok - tak pernah daku rasa begini - seperti mati hidup kembali


daia said...

hey dear onal..
i juz wanna ask..
wat type(model..brand..etc..)
of camera r u currently using??
i really love ur piece of art..
seriously im not joking!!!!!

[ LADYKiKi] said...

yeah.ape je u mbil.. sure pix tu cantek...

//// nak cari dgr lagu ya lok eh.. hehehe

akukaonal said...

hi daia...

im usin sony a200 wit prime lense 50mm f1.4.
most of d pix edited wit photoshop cs3.

glad u like it.. thx..;]

Ceera said...

spesel nye entry nie for me, hehehehe... =P

bila mau botak lagi.. yang pasti jangan botak skang eh..

nughol said...

sony alpha does a good shot

nughol said...

yeah i aso go tru some online reading cuz da manual book is hard to digest..and photoskool.net. i think my technique is totally wrong and my understanding of A,S and ISO is very shallow..hahahha.

thanx ya!

keep on posting a groovy photo.

viva la A200