- Such A Lonely Day -

such a lonely day... lovely song from - system of a down -

- i hate u... hate u so much... : loneliness -

such a lonely day
and its mine
d most loneliest day of me life

such a lonely day
should be banned
its a day that i cant stand
d most loneliest day of me life

such a lonely day
shouldnt exist
its a day that i'll never miss
such a lonely day
n its mine

n if u go
i wanna go with u
n if u die
i wanna die with you

take ur hand n walk away....... T_T

its a day that im glad i survived

- plis go away... i dont need u now : loneliness -

i wish i could dream... dream bout something or someone that could make me happy even in me sleep... i really wish for that...


Ceera said...

olololo... satu hari nanti, nal takkan keseorangan lagik.. =D


wah gitu..

nanti kita jumpa k...

[ LADYKiKi] said...

alolololo... *panjang sikit dari ceera*

..ya sokong ceera kata tu..

kalo nak ... kiki pun leh datang untuk melawan lonely itu.. cehh *sambil lambai tgn..say hai.. hahah!

...*oi ceera,asal aku turun ko tak bawak aku jumpa onal ni..hahah~

chuppy said...

I have a problem that I cannot explain
I have no reasons why it should have been so plain,
Have no questions but I sure have excuse
I lack the reason why I should be so confused.

haha tiba2......

Ceera said...

camne aku nak bawak ko jumpa dia kiki.. time tu pun aku takleh nak jumpa dia tau..

masa tu kan dia kemain lagi cinta maut dengan ehem2 dia... so, paham2 sendiri lor...

ups, terasa ke??? hahaha

chuppy said...

ui apainih jgn sembarang mngubah lirik...

[ LADYKiKi] said...

ceera..ha a la aku lupa...
xpe onal.. nanti turun kch habaq kat i.. =D

Wahidah said...

salam ziarah.......

show me the meaning of being lonely eik?? :p

Anonymous said...

x pe onal,aku de ngn ko..chewaahhh!!! =p

The Spiral Eyes said...

hi,i hope you dont mind to exchange link with me.have a good day ya.

The Spiral Eyes said...

what i mean is become my follower

The Spiral Eyes said...

ok..already added friend