- Gundam n Comic -

such a lovely saturday wit a mornin rain... but its saturday means is workin' day for me '_' ... nah.. i'm used to it... wrked until 4 n while headin to star h tuah, in sg wang there was a gundam exhibition... luckily i brang me snapper n there i snap...tutututut... at time square oso got AFC '08 n me fallin love with some of d comic poster.... so nice...

- angel in disguise : nice wings -

- prepare to die -

- doesn't look like robot to me -

- runnin' towards d enemy : cool act -

- a gundam wit a fightin stance : wow -

- show no mercy -

- i read tis in gempak : can't remember d title -

- tabik spring while jumpin : tis guy is d master -

- bought his book 'Remember' : nice drawin -

- forgot to take the artist name : darkness rocks -

i would die if i couldn't feel ur love... i hear ur smile u voice in my dreams.. when i wake day n nite... Crematory : For Love


DianaDahari86 said...

wooot woooot
salam salam
nak nyibuk lg
btw anda adalah pemangsa sy telah ditag sila2 ke blog sy

this.is.not.me said...

the 7th pic is : Under 18-Fearless

ma fav :)