- Khairil n Adina : Engaged -

051209 was d date when i snappd tis lovely n smart couple... they r really match... i tot i will wait until d custom album ready bfore i upload their pix... which is supposed to be today...... but got printing error... huhu.. d 11th page printed out as d first page.. n other page is scramble... n only will be done on wed.... -_-

thx adina ^_^
listenin to aku n dirimu : ari lasso
tiba saatnya kita saling bicara
tentang perasaan yang kian menyiksa
tentang rindu yang menggebu
tentang cinta yang tak terungkap


farah said...

ape cer ur custom album bro?
nway,nice captured lol!
well done! well done!
plg sukee pic da heel n da vase!
so0 sweettt~ hee!
and da last pic was so cool! =)

mAnjA said...