- CFA Annual Dinner -

shot on 11 dec @ impiana hotel.. a first timer for event.. i guess... its more challenging than gigs shot.. too many people to take notice n lighting is mmmm... can-lah... thx anyway to syahril wife for invited us to shot tis fun event.. really it was fuuun... a guuuud experience for me : a newbie

more in themomentgraphy
gives u hell : all american rejects
omorrow you'll be thinking to yourself
where'd it all go wrong, the list goes on and on
and truth be told I miss you
and truth be told I'm lying


.sTraWberRycH0c. said...

nice pic.
sgt chantek.

mariam said...

great shots.

farish H said...

santek..tsempak lak kt monarail knn aritu;)