- Urbanscapes 2oo9 -

went to tis event today... really dun want to miss tis... glad i made it.. but cant be long there.. 3 hours snappin... =]  

my God.. it was fun just to b there.. arts : style: music : performances : theatre : muvie : peoples : hot chicks.. name it.. complete place to hang out...

talk bout photographer... it was like.. everyone.. mm.. 70% holdin a dslr... was so TERUJA.... n albnok n smashpop frm alphanatics (sony forum) came n say hi to me... altho i dun know them but it makes me happi tho... =] 

some of d pics i snappd.. dull....

conclusion of d day : worth d ticket rm35.. =]

listenin to eminem : beautifull
- in my shoes, just to see -
- whats is like to be me -
- ill b u, lets trade shoes -
- just to see what itd b like -



rizz said...

cntek2 sume gmbar tu onal hehe nti my besday leh la amik u jd photografer i lakk

akukaonal said...

rizz : boleh rizz... bgtau je tarikh n waktu..

Leen said...

serius cantik tmpt nih..old skwell.. pic yg u snap pun cantik jgk.

idayusof said...

eh, macam group furniture yang perform. heh.