- Mimie : Six Days -

today is fifth days mimie admitted in d hospital... pity her... doc gave result that d bacteria is not d danger type. n told her she can get out tomorrow.. with condition if tonite she feel ok... hope she will b ok....

wanna thanx to lepex aka ajim : mimies bf for really taking a guuud care of mimie... stay overnite wit her everynite... nti me treat u k... =]

- caring husband... hehe.. thx again bro.. -

- d lepex : mereng -

- do call me if u need me -

ok... take care me sister...

listenin to i miss u.. again : blink 182
 - Where are you and I'm so sorry -
- I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight -
- I need somebody and always -
- This sick strange darkness comes creeping on so haunting everytime -


SelUsuR saTu duNia yg IndAh said...

smOga cmPAt semBuh..

niCe PIx!



rizz said...

gmbo saket pon jd cntek ahhaa

Ceera said...

mimi kena tahan kat spital mana eh?