- Birthday Party : Cik Wanie -

its been awhile didnt upload photo tis much... just to choose which to post also tk time... 
me first birthday party snappin... quite nervous actually... coz definitely it will b nite time n that means low lite condition n im still using a200... huhu... but thanx God i like d result...

it was a belated birthday party for cik wanie which fall on 26th may o9... d party held on o6o6o9 @ pd... i was a bidan terjun photographer... d formal one get sick... 

- d bungalow : sooo big -

- preparation -

- wanies mom : so calm -

- d doorgift -

- linda n wawa : nice to meet u wawa -

- even got banner -

- d contact -

- let d makeup start -

- biru mata hitamku -

- eq : one of d most important person in d party -

- d transformation -

- muahccc -

- kak arlina n najwa : d maker up : pro -

- wanie n mom -

- blue in red -

- wow... -

- d cake frm putrajaya : special order -

- d arrival -

- fuuuuuh... fuh... -

- rebut kerusi game -

- karaok : it is ok -

- poco poco dance : hepi -

- d guest book -

- blue n white theme -

- present opening ceremony -

- shmile... -

- love urself more than others -

to wanie: thnx so much to call me for d party n d trust n its an honour... =]

it was d best birthday party.. full of fun... fun of laugh... full of ppl... full of foods... full of happiness... congrats to wanie n heppi belated bestday from me... =]

listenin to ne me quitte pas : nino simone
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Cik Wanie said...

Dearest onald...

mcm yg i ckp kat sms tue,
i happy dapat kenal u n i rasa x salah pilih u jadi i punya photographer i,
i suka hasil kerja u,
tue blum tgk lagi yg u dah cuci...

apapun tq so much sbb u sudi spendkan masa u tuk majlis i yg x seberapa ini..
i & family sgt2 menghargainya...

nanti kita jumpa lagi ok,
apa yg pasti i SUKA sgt hasil kerja u..

keep it up!!!!!

rahma said...

kwn dgn sis wanie ker???
btw, great birthday party... salam dgn sis wanie yer... suka dia, cuteeee ^-^


honestly, sgt cantik dah saya rasa cik wanie mmg x salah pilih photog...hasil kerja yang superb!! bravo

Ceera said...


Wawa_Nadwa said...

tantek nye kak wanieee.
sgt chumeLL.
tak salah kak wanie pilih kamu.

psstt psstt!
wawa amek pic wawa eyh..

[ LADYKiKi] said...

aku pun turutt jelessss.

akukaonal said...

cik wanie: really glad u ike it... =]

rahma: dia kim slm balik... cute kaaan..

rahma: thx for d support...

ceera n kiki: muahahaha... cian korng..

wawa: amek je... thxx,,,

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