- Me Wallet : Mrs Ceera Tags -

tag by mrs ceera bout me wallet...

A. Snap the picture of both inner and outer of your purse

- inner -

- outer -

B. Introduce your purse brand, price & where you buy.
brand : converse
price : rm69.90 less 10% rm62.90
bought : midvalley : converse store
name : converse d wallet
age : 5 years

C. Take out whatever its inside your purse

- inside -

D. Tagged other 7 persons

E. Comment on your friend’s (who tagged you) purse.
mrs ceera purse is guess... wahhh pakai branded sekarang....n as usual serabut... hehe..

- sekadar gambar hiasan : gambar nanti nal bagi ek -

lalala... on labourday worked.. saturday worked... n sunday also have to work... what!!!

listenin to lalala kerjala : meet uncle hussein
- lalalalala -
- ariari kerja -
- lalalalala -
- bosan dengan kerja -


joegrimjow said...

ingt sape pompuan tu

Ceera said...

oh, cantiknye pompuan tu, hehehehe..

MiSZuE said...

lamenye wallet..bile nk tukar??^_^

Aien cute said...


hai nal...
ko dah siap tag yang ceera suruh wat tu.
erm...lama betul yer, benar2 setia =P

joegrimjow said...

bawu pasan sapew

Fidd said...

astagfirullahhalazim...apesal semua korek keluar? haha..