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valentine's day... to celebrate or to not celeberate... everyone has their own opinion bout tis long awaited day to come... just wanna mention what i heard at khutbah jumaat yesterday... val day = inverted culture, which brings to d conclusion we r not supposed to celebrate it... well... i guess wehther we know tis or not it will still up to us to celebrate or to not celeberate...

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a song from bryan adams : to really love a woman

- when u love a woman -
- u tell that her that shes really woman -
- when u love a woman -
- u tell her that shes d one -


Anonymous said...

It looks and smell nice.
Almost perfect just to deceive..

Beware of the compulsary package..

-Uncle Ron

Anonymous said...

"Behind every successful MAN is a WOMAN, behind HER is HIS wife"
Marx G

-Uncle Ron

.vvy|na. said...

i read somewhere that the reason why christians actually celebrate valentine's day is because of what he did; marrying couples, spread love. ala-ala cupid la senang cerita.

my point is, they are celebrating love, bukannya the christianity itself.

my 2 cents lah kan, true, we muslims should not be so eager about this valentine thingy but what's the harm of spreading love on that very same day?

Allah tau apa nawaitu kita. tu yang penting :)