- D Origin -

i was sittin n readin a comic 'jojo adventure' 594 ep... i was on d 155 ep... pop... suddenly i was back to d origin... its like back to future movie... im now a sperm (d smallest one in d photo) swimmin me way to d source of life known as d ovum... its like amazin race asia, some die coz of tiredness, some give up, some lost its way, some just swimmin2 around... for me im serioush... i just know that tis is a matter of life n death (eventho im not a livin bein yet)... in d end i lost me hope... i dont think i can make it... tis is not me time... =[

but suddenly somethin (or should i say someone) grab me head n whisper to me.. dont lost ur hope... its not d end yet... there will be no second chance for tis kind of thing... o... its me brother (i think so coz we look alike tho) n it/he push me wit all its/his strength deep inside d source n pop again...

im back... back to reality n there was a tear in me eyes.. it felt so real... n i was sayin.. aaa.. whatever...

listenin to uno by muse
- coz u couldve been number one -
- if u only found the time -
- and u couldve ruled d whole world -
- if u had d chance -


Anonymous said...

There's no room for 2nd Best ....

- UncleRon

clustergolgi said...

Like ur imagination 2 xpress da story..