farol + cake : in love

farol + cake.. two lover tht so in love with each other.. they argue.. they fight.. they laugh... n they make sure they always in heppy mood.. which a mood i always felt whenever im with them... for both of u thanks fr letting me be a part of your beautiful life... love u both... =D

n for my talented fren ayie.. sorry for disturbing u ol d way in d event.. (menyibuk je kan..) hehe.. for oweseme pix check this out.. farol+cake 

deco + mk up + dress by oweseme duo.. aya + awe Dedaun Bridal & photography

cake fav song.. hehe
ali satar - lelaki seperti aku
bercinta aku mahu
tapi tidak dengan mu
ku sudah ada satu
kekasih yang melayu..



aimie amalina said...

tetibe terasa bile kawen nnti
nak ade satu blog full gambo kawen jek
bole x?
hehehehe :))

liajay said...

seriously, nvr thought that malay wedding can do such things. the theme, bride n groom, fren n fantastic photo. its just perfect. congrats for them.

Rina Ellisa said...

siyes gambar2 ni semua cantik superb!! :)

Syazwani a.k.a bubbly_wani said...

Nak tnye bole? Photographer utk wedding ni sape yea? Pics die sgt cantik.