- Self Portrait -

its been my dream to hv a long hair tht cn be tie... not sure y i wannit so bad.. it was one of me to-do-list bfore im dead... sooo i hv suceesfully n compltely achieved d dream n its time to b a gudboy again.. so ive decided to tk a self portraiture for memories....

thx to me housemate.. oso a photgrapher wannabe... all photo snapped by him: mael.. thumbs up bro...

avenged sevenfold sing victim
Nothing is harder
Than to wake up all alone
Realize it's not okay
It's the end of all you know
Time keeps passing by
But it seems I'm frozen still
Scars are left behind
But some too deep to feel

And some say this can't be real
And I've lost my power to feel, tonight
We're all just victims of a crime


bobiedanbad said...

Gondrong!Mcm rock lama..smartlah ko joe :)

miss3808 said...

sangat cantik.. :) like it...

viruspadu said...