- Urbanscapes 2o1o -

im not sure when is it me blog became a wed or engagemt blog.. it seems tht i do not hv any idea on wht i want to shoot n post other thn those things.. argh.. i miss ol time when i will shoot anything n keep on posting craps.... -_-

fortunately for me... urbanscapes its ere again.... lalala.. a lot of a beautiful.. cute.. gojes chicks... love them all.. i get to shoot n handshakes wit street master chot.. i snaped yuna.. satisfied wit a fire breather shot... n hang out until nite time... fully satisfactionary... 

life is peachy... +_-

listenin to the darkest days :  goodbye
she's crying on the phone
she's losing all control again
now i'm walking out the door
i'm never coming home again
and i'm leavin'
its over
goodbye my love
so long
goodbye my love

1 comment:

lepex said...

pat ko ajar aku baa...
asal blog ko gamba lg besar dr aku..
bgg tol laa