- StreetphOtO v3 -

i tot i just made an entry called fri the day n now its d same day again... went out wit miun n syahril n later azlan joined for a mini streetphotography.. its around masjid jamek n jln tar... in d afternoon before friday prayer, snapped some @ klcc... practice make better... want to train eyes to c things differently...

really wish that can do tis often... ^_^
listenin to meet me halfway : bep
meet me halfway, right at the boarderline
that's where i'm gonna wait, for you
i'll be lookin out, night n'day
took my heart to the limit, and this is where i'll stay


joegrimjow said...

such a cool pixs!

Appleartwork said...

smart bro!!nak ikut outing:P

♥ladykiki♥ said...

yang pix p0mpuan pgang hp0n i like =) ada chya lmpu kt blkg

nasazfrog... said...

good job!

farish H said...

suke la.mnarik sgt