- Cagiva : Rudy -

met tis guy today.. textd me.. im at 'pakcik'.. come n snap me superbike.. i tot it was a joke..
last time he was on motor (as a passenger), he asked ben to stopped n take train.. too scared... haha... n.. now he own a cagiva... damn.. u r crazy dude.. hehe...

- a fren workin @ nz opis : sulayman -

go slow man.. u r only 2 weeks old as a rider... u r not in d car k...

addicted to munajat cinta : d rock
- malam ini ku sendiri -
- tiada sapa yg menemani- 
- seperti malammalam yg sudahsudah -



Cik AniS GalaXy said...

bike idaman gue
rudy mmg best
nk kwn dgn rudy just because his bike..hehe

SelUsuR saTu duNia yg IndAh said...

aKU suKA


piC N MOto Yg CooL..


♥«m!stAkêñ^!dêÑt!tÿ»♥ said...

like da colour~...huh~

rizz said...

lawa picta moto hehe

Anonymous said...

nothing happen for nothing..
everything happen for a reason..
at least ...

but.. this one is totally out of imagination ... just sum up it all to general lines..

"people do change .."

Uncle Ron

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

2nd piccas tuh nampak cam motor mainan je. but yet still nice.

salam ziarah tuan rumah. :)