- Outdoor Portrait.. -

taken when i was in sandakan.. headin to airport to fly to kl... had memorized all d posin for outdoor but once u r in d real situation... it seems all dissapeared n blank... damn it!!

took leave yesterday.. not feelin well still... llalalalaLALALALa....

lsitenin to welcome to heartbreak by kanye west
- my god sister getting married by the lake -
- but I couldn’t figure out who I’d wanna take -
- bad enough that I showed up late -
- i had to leave before they even cut the cake -
- welcome to heartbreak -


♥«m!stAkêñ^!dêÑt!tÿ»♥ said...

so sweeeeett...hehe...

Ceera said...

gambar kat tangga tu lawak, hahaha

[ LADYKiKi] said...

ya setuju ngan ceera..heheh